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Last year I was in New York on business and got stuck there over Memorial Weekend (where everyone wears their military uniforms and goes out in bars at night scaring the locals).

As I had more time than a trip normally gives to me, I spent time in a few of my favourite museums – MOMA, the Met and the Guggenheim.

I was carrying around my Kiev 60 during this trip and amoungst the pictures I took was this one in the Met of a bedroom from the Sagredo Palace, Venice, circa 1718.

I took this picture only to show Nathalie the bed (as we have been restoring an ornate bed with original hand printed fabric recently too) and not as a good picture. The room where this bed sits is very dark (to protect the old fabric) and has a glass wall in front of the bedroom and so taking a good picture was more or less impossible.

Nathalie however loves the images (including the crazy internal reflection from the Kiev) and so this is where is has sat – next to our Koi for the last year.

This morning I was having a flick through Tumblr at recent submissions and saw the picture I had really wanted to take but because of the dark had been unable to do so – I assume this was taken by the museum with the blinds open, lights on and no glass partition and so thought I’d share this picture and suggest a visit the next time you are in New York.

Posted by simon on May 24, 2011

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