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This time each year for the last four years; Galleries from all over the world come to Hong Kong for a three day Art Fair of contemporary and modern art.

As the fourth year of this growing fair there are 169 separate galleries from 39 countries showing not just the current big names – including the likes of Hirst, Murikami and  Emin – but also Warhol and Basquiat. The great thing about this show is that these names do not dominate as the majority of the show are current artists from Asia and show the depth of work coming out of new markets.

Every year so far the quality of the art shown has been simply breath taking and has improved every time.

If you are in Hong Kong then you cannot have failed to have seen the posters everywhere about this event – and if you just happen to be in town you should get your hotel to help sort you out a ticket as this is one of the rare annual collections of Contemporary work available anywhere these days.

Here are some pictures from the fair last year taken on the Kiev 4AM on Rollei Retro 400 (hence the funny tone to the film).

Posted by simon on May 25, 2011
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  1. 05/25/2011

    Nice pictures! I didn´t know you have a Kiev 4AM and I have been thinking of buying one with the Helios 44. Is it an reliable camera?

    • 05/26/2011

      Darko, I had the 4AM as my first Kiev I think – it is a great little rangefinder with a peculiar bayonet fitting lens. Some people give them a bad review as the rewind knob was remade with plastic – but that really doesn’t matter. Mine is meterless but works fantastically. I think I might write something about it as it really is a great little camera – and mine came with an original leather case too


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