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Sam Leach

For readers not aware of Sam’s work – you should just google him and look at what an impressively diverse body of work he has put into the public sphere in the last decade.

He became more of an international name when he won the Archibald Prize in his native Australia last year – but had before then been very much in the spot light with his Self-Potrait entry a few years before to the same competition, that had him mirroring a classic pose by Hilter.

This brave and some would say foolish move by Sam doesn’t seem to have destroyed his career however and his current body of work has moved to stunning animal portraits on Japanese Ash board and coated in millimeters of epoxy resin and landscapes with romboids approximating shapes within the classicly painted hills.

The animals could have come straight from a Darwinian sketch book – if Darwin had been as meticulous as Sam is in these small pieces.

His style that is entirely reminiscent of Dutch still life paining; takes this a step further by his level of detail and you are stunned not just by what Sam puts into the image but also by what is left out.

These are truly without context and it is this that almost creates a sense of vertigo to the viewer – a physical reaction not normally found in a gallery.

He currently has a collection showing in Wan Chai at ART HK that gives a rare chance to see three areas his work – the animals, landscapes and more recent Nasa work.

As all of his work is coated in highly reflective resin and I did not have a polarizing filter on the Voigtlander I was using hence the really poor picture from the event of his work. – which is all the more reason to go a see it in person.

Posted by simon on May 27, 2011

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