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ART HK 11 The Aftermath

So it is all over now for another year and we can all go about our business wondering why there are no good museums in Hong Kong and in many peoples cases, wondering why they didn’t make the effort to go to the MOMA-esque 4 days of ART HK.

This year not only had more galleries showing but also was split into two floors with the Established on one floor and the New above it.

The Established floor had all of the major world Contemporary galleries you would expect showing the usual range of big names. It seemed this year as if every gallery had a Warhol or two and one had an enviable collection of Basquiat.

There were more butterflies than skulls for once, with every version of Hirst and look-a-likes you would normally see.

This floor was a stunning collection – but as it was comprised of close to 100 galleries – it did lack some of the cohesion you see in a well curated space.

What made up for it however was the floor upstairs – with many national prize winners from Korea to Australia and names that we have seen carving out their niches over the last few years.

If you were in HK and didn’t go – then hopefully you won’t be talking about the poor cultural choices that the city has to give over the next year but making sure you reserve some time next year to attend ART HK 12.

Posted by simon on May 30, 2011

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