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There’s an App for that.

I have recently inherited my wife’s old iPhone and I use it when I travel each month to Sri Lanka.

I have been a big fan and user of Apple and specifically their desk and lap tops for a long time and have also accumulated a museum of iPods from the early days in 2002 – but had never really used an iPhone; as work requires that I use a Blackberry for everything.

One week out of each month I am now using the slower 3G model as my local phone and am amazed at what a great little machine it is.

Until a couple of weeks ago, I kept a small diary on processing with the notes that I made on specifics for films and chemicals I use and used the net version of the Massive Development Chart for baseline information on all film/chemical combinations…. and then I downloaded the Massive Development Chart App on the iPhone and everything changed

The App is split into two areas – the chart itself that you would most likely have used on the net already and an area for your times (which you can use to keep all the variations you use for film/chemical options).

Then there is the best bit of the App – the timer screen that gives you a countdown for all parts of the development – along with its own set of beeps to let you know when to start and stop agitating etc.

You could argue that it really is money for old rope and that with a stop watch you can do all of this anyway – and you wouldn’t be wrong.

What I love however is having everything in one place instead of lots of bits of paper. Of being able to add notes to each development recipe and being able to set the process as specifically as you want to for each film and rating you use.

If you have an iPhone (or a Touch) and want to download something more useful than another version of Angry Birds – then perhaps this is something you should look at?

Posted by simon on May 30, 2011

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