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Full Frame Race Night

Hong Kong doesn’t have a race track but  does have an extremely high percentage of top end cars and by this I mean the ones that should be on a track and not going over speed bumps and being stopped by continual traffic lights in Hong Kong.

The type of serious track cars you will see on a daily basis include lots of Porsche GT3, Lamborghini, most Ferraris from the last 40 years and even the occasional Zonda (as owned by our neighbour who is apparently a local star).

This doesn’t include the Masseratis, Astons, Rolls, Bentleys etc – as these are not really track cars and are generally bought by the older generations and driven at a more sedate speed – or the poor mans Porsche (Boxter) that is generally driven by those going through a mid-life crisis.

The track cars are bought by the sons of the wealthy and late at night they seek out the quite pieces of road where they can open these beasts up – even if only for a few hundred meters – and this is where the photographic connection comes in.

We happen to live on one of these bits of road and the long exposure on this picture shows a little of this action at night.

I had the aperture on the Zodiak 8 turned down to f22 and left the camera open for as long as I could (as the light pollution in Hong Kong is almost as bad as the air pollution this only meant 3 minutes) to show your average race night in Hong Kong.

Posted by simon on June 2, 2011

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