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Thank God it’s time to go home

Apparently you have to give the big guy a capital letter – in fact, try it on your spell check and you will see it is something like the 11 commandment that you have to do it.

This is the picture of the end of another week working away from home – and it is the view I long for from the moment I leave home on a Sunday night – to see four shirts down and a 2am flight on Friday back home.

So a fairly typical week working away and very little photography as it is the middle of monsoon here and so each evening after work was literally a wash out.

Instead I ran (as rain and running go together like beer and pizza) and read a couple of great books – both of which affected me in quite different ways.

The first was Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy by John Le Carre – during which I couldn’t stop thinking of Alex Guiness (you have to be my age or older and have watched English TV when we only had three channels to know why). During this I was second guessing people constantly and looking for hidden meanings in every conversation.

Luckily I managed to speed read this before paranoia took over and I moved on to the latest James Frey (famous for duping Ophra – which makes him a champion in my world) called The Final Testament of the Holy Bible.

Now I bought this last saturday as I have really loved the previous works by Mr Frey (real or imaginary) and thought this looked as stylistically interesting as the last two.

My choice was to prove correct when I read in the South China Morning post Review section on the Sunday that it was only worth 2 out of 5 stars yet had a double page spread to tell me how terrible a book it is.

I really never understood that a Chinese newspaper in Hong Kong could be so pro Organised Religion – because that is how the very open slamming of this novel came across – but I have always used the particularly poor reviews in this bland and beige paper to tell me what to read by running counter to the review rating and this proved to be more than usually true in this case.

The book is much more out spoken in bashing organised religion than say the Satanic Versus but as the religion in question is not specifically from the Prophet himself; I assume unlike poor Mr Rushdie; it will not result in a fatwa.

So, if it is raining and dark and grey where you are and you are looking for something old and new to read – then don’t take my word for it – read these books and make up your own mind.


Posted by simon on June 3, 2011

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