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The Stoep at Lantau

I was surprised when Nathalie organised a day at the Cheung Sha beach restaurant – The Stoep – for a group of friends; that many people hadn’t ever been – and this was mainly people who had lived in Hong Kong for more than five years.

I had been over a few times before being married to a South African and so assumed that it was not a nationality thing – but that a visit to the Stoep was a classic ‘thing to do’ in Hong Kong.

Each time we go over I am reminded why we don’t do it too often though – the transport is always a problem. Even though Lantau Island is enormous (holding as it does the airport), it is sparsely populated due to it’s steep geography and so for the most anachronistic of reasons you can only drive on the Island if you are a resident and hold a permit.

This means that you have two options – irregular bus or one of the 28 taxis (although generally there are many less than 28 running).

Transport aside – the beach is always great and much more relaxed than your standard beach in Hong Kong, the food is basic South African style (although this thankfully is not the reason for going) and most importantly the kids get to spend the day digging in the sand and splashing in the sea.




Posted by simon on June 8, 2011

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