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Great food made simple

For me some of the best food that exists comes from Italy and especially if it uses freshly made pasta.

The dish has no more than a small handful of ingredients and you have to be able to discern each taste and texture when eaten.

Counter this to a Mongolian Bar-B-Que.

In front of you are upwards of 40 separate ingredients and sauces, that when you make your selections are all individually your favourites on their own – but you pile your bowl up with a bit of everything you love – sure in your mind that you are creating the best dish ever…….however, when the cooked version comes to you it looks and tastes like everyone else’s and it is a generic brown colour.

Maybe I am being a little obvious here – but when you compose your picture, do you like me try and put too much of everything into the frame or are you sparse and critical in what you allow?

Do you add everything knowing that with the miracle of the computer you can crop out everything you don’t like?

Isn’t this what having more mega pixels on your latest camera is there for?

Having looked at the latest crop of digital monsters yesterday afternoon in the shops, I can’t help feeling that they are removing you more and more from the experience of taking pictures and hurtling you towards your best profile picture on your facebook account (of course cropped from a much larger picture) – and if this is what your want then fair play, but remember that this makes you someone who owns a camera and not a photographer.




Posted by simon on June 13, 2011

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