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The End of the Affair

When you pick up an old camera it is often difficult to put it into a context that you can relate to; but for me my Rolleiflex and the great book –  The End of the Affair by Greene were both born in the year.

It is really humbling to use a camera that is 60 years old and have it produce as good an image as any of the more recent cameras that I own – the only real difference comes with the handling where extra care and attention in setting up is required.

So it is especially difficult to admit that this may be the last film that passes through this old lady, as the sprung rod that controls the frame counter and hence the shutter mechanism may be giving up the ghost by finally losing it’s spring.

She has been recently CLA’d with specific attention to the rod – but the elasticity of the metal may just have reached it’s inevitable end and so I may have to find a younger sister to this TLR at some point.

For now, here is a small eulogy to the Rolleiflex in the form of pictures – starting with one from the very last film to pass through her in crossed Astia 100F of Cassius.

None of these pictures have been altered using Photoshop and are as they were developed using some great films like Rollei Retro and E100VS Crossed or with the yellow filter used on colour film.


Posted by simon on June 14, 2011

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