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A Happy Ending

I think I have said many times before that the Golden Half is my favourite toy camera, as my daughter has been using hers for over a year now and some odd pictures come out really well.

It has also proved to be fairly bullet proof and I guess the demise of this camera (the shutter button doesn’t activate the shutter any more) is from too much love and not ill treatment.

It has been such a great toy for Lola to use and play with over the last year that I am going to get her another Golden Half.

If you are wondering why this half frame and not one of the others on the market? Imagine you are four years old and want to operate a camera and you will soon realise that cameras like the Diana Mini have too many options and sharp metal bits sticking out of them – where as a Golden Half is as kid friendly as you can imagine.

The last film I pulled out of the camera was only about 1/3rd used and I let some light on the film as I was trying to rewind it – but here are a few of the final frames of our blue Golden Half.




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Posted by simon on June 28, 2011
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  1. 06/29/2011

    Nice pics! I love the colour on the first one it is artistic. Lola has it! You have to realize she will become a great photographer one day.


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