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Ilford Delta 100 Pro

I had pretty much stepped away from Ilford after really not getting on with HP5 at all. The film is sometimes ok when I have it processed elsewhere but when I do it myself, it comes out sepia at best.

I have tried Ilford DD-X, TMax Developer and HC-110 and none give me either consistent or great results in the way that the Kodak and even Fuji films do.

What I really dislike about the fact that I can’t get consistency from this film is that Mr Poon, from the shop where I buy all my film and chemicals, tells me how he used nothing else for 20 years and today wouldn’t ever change – so surely I have to be able to get it to work.

As an around about way back towards HP5 I decided to go back to Ilford for my medium speed film and try for the first time ever some Delta 100 Professional.

Also as we are moving house this week, I had the film done by the lab and got their normal crappy results that needed a little tweaking to add density to the shadows and highlights as it had been over processed.

Also as I didn’t scan the negatives I am not sure that the lumpy appearance of the film is from low density scanning or the film.

This is meant to be a fine grain art film.

Luckily I do have a handfull of the Delta 100 to take with me to Koh Samui – where we go as a family for a holiday between the flat we moved out of today and the house we are moving to in Clear Water Bay – and I will use these to give the film a good work out and then will develop them myself to get a better view of the film.

For now – here are a couple from the first film;

Posted by simon on June 29, 2011

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