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The Star Diary IV and Large Format Futures

Two nights ago we had a partially cloudy night with pretty much a full moon so not the best for long exposure shots of stars.

I started at 8:30pm before the moon had risen very far and so got the first few frames off before it took over the night sky by about an hour later.

With the sky being so bright I changed the stop to f11 and tried to keep the exposure to about 25-30 minutes (as this is what the whole experiment is about).

Of course I have no idea at all as to what the images are going to come out – but I am hoping that there is something I can play with in photoshop.

Apart from this experiment, we only have two nights left in Samui and we fly back to HK on Wednesday and whilst we have been away; I have wisely used the odd bits of quiet time to finally take a jump in to Large Format with a purchase  of the Zero Image 75B.

This is the version with the three frames at 25, 50 and 75mm and so although they are incredibly wide views; the 75mm version gives you the best option for field of view. The picture below is the three frames together without a holder on the back. It also has a cable release adaptor for better control for timing.

Have a look on flickr at the images that people have taken on the 4×5 pinhole and they are enough to make you change your views on pinhole as they have mine.

On top of this, I found a company called MOD Photographic that makes a 4×5 sheet holder for 6 sheets in a Patterson tank to allow for B/W processing (and it was this was the final push that made up my mind for me to jump into Large Format).

The camera takes any option of 4×5 sheet/pack film holders, Polaroid 545, Type 55, Calumet 6×9 or
6×12 roll-film back and the hole changes from 0.2mm at 25mm to 0.28mm at 50mm and 0.4mm at the 75mm.

In f/stops this is f/138, f/176 and f/216 – which means at the 75mm set up you can use longer exposures in bright light which will reduce the vignetting effect of short exposures.

As for scanning – this is something I am going to have to learn but overall this is going to be an exciting move to learn some new skills before the inevitable view camera.

Posted by simon on July 18, 2011

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