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The Star Diary – The Conclusion

As much as I have tried, I couldn’t avoid the ugly truth of my attempted long exposure photography and the complete disappointment of the results.

To recap – I used a Nikon F2A which has a T setting on the shutter which needs to be used in conjunction with the B setting on the speed to give you an open camera until you twist the shutter button back to finish the exposure…..or so I thought.

Over a couple of nights I set up 30 minute plus exposures and the only one that came out was the first test shot which was not even set correctly.

As this was a test shot I didn’t even have the camera pointed up at the sky – but anyway this allows me to put to bed this trial and feel that I really need to make a better attempt of this now that we have moved to the New Territories where we are facing dark sea and not the lights of the city.

On a final note, I have found some film holders for the 4×5 Zero Image and also a used Polaroid 4×5 holder so I will be able to start a journey into Large Format. Even though I thought I was fairly plugged into the photo market in HK – it would appear that Large Format is even less common than I would have thought and so the development at home is going to solve many issues for me.

More to come over the next few posts on Koh Samui and the photos from the 3 weeks we spent there as the B/W films are finished this coming week.

Posted by simon on July 24, 2011

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