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When I find the scanner cable…….

One of the absolute joys of moving house comes from losing the very specific and necessary pieces of electrical equipment – like the cable for my scanner and for other one for the printer…..

So the article about using the Large Format Pinhole that I wanted to post tonight is going to have to wait till I find the right cable in the few boxes we have left to deal with and instead I am going to post a couple of recent pictures from 6am this morning on the roof of the house where I was testing the 4×5 Zero Image with a polaroid back and Fuji Pack Film.

I’m not going to add any details about the Zero Image test as this is going to come in the article I will post as soon as I buy some new cables (or find the missing ones).

While I was on the roof, Cassius woke and Nathalie brought him up for the sunrise and so I took a quick picture with my Nikon F2A using a 135mm f2 Distortion Control lens and Ektar and love the result of this great portrait lens. This was taken at f2 with the DC on the same setting of 2 to the rear. I find if you set the DC above the f stop reading that you get an image that is overly soft – but matching DC to f stop helps dissolve the foreground or rear of a picture and increase bokeh.

I keep reading about people having major issues with the focus on this lens with the auto focus being very sensitive to things like tungsten light – but having fully manual cameras means you never have these issues and so another good reason to go back to basics with film and old cameras.

And finally, here is one from Sunday in Sai Kung with Lola wearing my glasses and playing with Nathalie’s phone. Again the F2A on Ektar with the 50/1.2.

Articles in the pipeline include the rest of our time in Koh Samui, the Return to Film B/W article too between the Pinhole and Large Format trials I will be doing now my developer reel for sheet film has arrived.


Posted by simon on July 27, 2011

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