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Fisherman’s Village – Koh Samui

The Village can only be described as a random collection of old, new and half built houses, shops, restaurants and small hotels – with a vast amount of power and telephone lines over head, stray dogs and cats and a dozen or so scooters ridden by lobster red tourists – yet isn’t that what Thailand has become in so many areas and why we all go there?

I’m not saying the place has no charm – as it really does – but it also has the ubiquitous stalls selling Red Bull and diesel T-Shirts and badly painted faces of Lord Buddha in sun burst orange.

The Village is not a window into an old Thailand with the original Chinese traders houses but a small and quite sanitised  tourist spot with as many Italian restaurants as Thai and bars showing the Premier league whilst selling Dutch beers.

The beach out front is stunningly clean and devoid of people and so perhaps it is a place to spend the afternoon before sundowners on the beach and a choice of the worlds cuisines.

Right in the middle of the Village is the old pier with a few boats moored along side.

The Island in the distance (only a dozen or so miles) is Koh Phangan – famous for the hedonistic full moon parties that the government has spent the last decade trying to stop.

Ferries don’t go from this pier but from one five or so kilometers down the road and take typically less than thirty minutes.

And on Friday nights the one street that goes through the Village is shut off to traffic for a few hours and stalls selling good street food and drinks crowd the road and a collection of local bands play in the main area just off the pier and for those few busy hours you could have been transported to Bangkok, Chang Mai or anywhere that is typically Thai and for me makes me want to spend more and more time in the country.

Posted by simon on July 31, 2011

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