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Schoolboy Error

So this evening had me trialing the first development of 4×5 film using a 6 sheet adapter from MOD Photographic in a Patterson tank.

Loading from the film backs went ok – but a dark tent rather than a dark bag would have given me more room to put the film onto the holder. Using a bag brushes against the sheet film in the holder that isn’t in place particularly firmly anyway and so means you have to move very carefully and slowly in the bag.

Development with minimal agitation was fine and stop and fix went well until I opened the tank and realized that my maths had seriously let me down when I calculated only 600ml for the solutions and not 900 ml as was required – and so I had 6 sheets of film that were 2/3rd developed.

This is not as major an issue as the size of light window on the Canoscan 9000F and the fact that it is not large enough for 4×5 or the fact that the Photostich software I had on my old mac is not compatible with the new Lion OS.

None of this is too terrible as this was all about learning and so the first image is from the instant film test and the next one is the two overlapping parts of the FP4 125 version I failed to develop correctly that I crudely stuck together in photoshop – but you can see the upper third that didn’t get submerged in developer…..




This last image was a test of the new roof view at the weekend where I finally managed to calculate the added correction that is needed on the C45 Pack Film.

All of the above images were taken with a focal length of 75mm and f216 pin hole.

The upper image was a reading of f16 at 1/250th and I found that with correction for failure that 4 seconds was needed. This is probably a little too much as the highlights blew but the shadow density at the bottom of the building came out well. Next time I’ll have to drop a bit of time off the development (and remember that 3×300 is 900 and not 600).

Posted by simon on August 2, 2011

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