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Cheong Mon

Cheong Mon is one of the out of the way beaches that surround Koh Samui as it sits up on the East side of the spike that comes out the top of the Island.

Small when compared to the Chaweng beach front; that has become for Samui what Kuta is for Bali; it has a great sweep of white sand and small beach front hotels and restaurants that make for a better family beach.

There is also far less swell in the Ocean and so for little ones this creates a better option; especially as it was a 10 minute drive from the villa we were staying in.

Like most beach front hotels, the one below called Sala has a pool that although you should be a resident to use, we found that if you had lunch of dinner at the adjoining restaurant, then they really didn’t mind if the kids spent the whole meal in the pool.

I think we spent about half of the holiday on this beach as it was just so easy and unlike the Railey peninsula where I lived for a while, this one doesn’t have long tail boats on the beach and so it is just a completely quiet experience.

Although I am not wanting to turn this blog into a guide book – I am still going to do another couple of articles about Koh Samui as much as an excuse to post pictures as anything else.

Again these were taken with either the Voigtlander Bessa L with the 15mm Heliar or Nikon F2A and 24/2.8 across a range of films.

Posted by simon on August 4, 2011

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