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One Year of Digital to Analogue on WordPress

One year ago today I moved here to wordpress from .mac and during this past year have posted a few hundred times to a growing number of readers.

Have I written things that are interesting, funny or perhaps occasionally smart – I don’t know – but they are never the less read.

Not knowing though is what I love about blogging as I am writing for myself and in the same way that a diary works, I am recording what is relevant or important at a point in time to me and also like a personal record, I don’t have deadlines.

It is difficult not to think “I wonder what people would like to read next” and occasionally get asked to write about a particular camera but generally I find this has become more of a personal project than I thought it would when I started out.

It is also becoming more about the Analogue options we have in a world that is fast being taken over by what we are constantly told is a brighter Digital future.

Art, books (made of paper) as well as film cameras are creeping onto this blog as I find the Digital options thrust at us are less and less interesting.

I had a colleague at work ask me the other day if I had bought an iPad2 for my children yet as they thought it was a fantastic learning tool for them…..My kids are 4 and 1 and make-believe lives in their minds and not on the tablet at their age. Is the iPad the new baby sitter – taking over from the TV?

But don’t get me wrong, I am not anti Digital in any way. I am writing this on my MacBook Pro, store my negatives digitally on Aperture 3, use Photoshop, an iPhone and am constantly plugged into my nano when out running.

The difference is that where I get to make a choice; I like to take the slower and often more interesting option.

If I have time, I prefer to walk to a meeting rather than take a car. I prefer to go to a gallery rather than watch a film. I prefer to have dinner with friends and take all night rather than grab something quick.

For me the Digital to Analogue is a description of a lifestyle and so year two is going to have more of what surrounds me and not less.

More cameras, film, development and of course large format. More analogue lifestyle too and of course more family.

Posted by simon on August 7, 2011
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  1. 08/7/2011

    Love the last blog esp the comment about the tablet– think you are right. Let them enjoy being children with imaginations!


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