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Do you ever take a photo that you want to take again?

Of course you do – it’s pretty universal.

Normally it is adjustments of framing  – or perhaps you just didn’t get the best out of the light?

In my case it is almost always composition and this is something you just can’t improve in Photoshop or infact any wiz-bang program.

On Saturday I took a picture of Lola at a birthday party – she was standing behind a ladder in a garden and I wanted a candid photo – so deliberately didn’t ask her to move away from the ladder.

I think I even thought the ladder added something to the shot when I took it.

Having received the negatives back it has turned into one of those moments where I just wish I had improved the composition as everything, and I mean everything in the picture, is perfect apart from the damn ladder….

I managed to get Lola about 15 feet in front of her background – and so the bokeh behind is great.

I used f2 on a 135mm Distortion Control lens with 2.8 rear distortion. The light dappled through the trees creates amazing effects across the sharp as a tack focus on Lola and her fairy crown.

And then there is that ladder…


Posted by simon on August 24, 2011

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