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Into the rabbit hole

Life throws strange things at you sometimes and last week was no exception with us having to terminate our helper who has been with us for three and a half years and more importantly been involved in our kids life for that long too.

I’m not going to go into the details as they are as tedious to relate as they were to deal with and unfortunately involved the security of our 4 year old daughter; but instead I am just going to make a few comments about the internet and what we take for granted in personal security.

Firstly,there is no security on the net.

What you put out there is available for everyone with some time to kill and some imagination to find.

Trying the name of the person you are looking for may not give you anything – but versions of the name, nick names and alternatives can often open a whole world of information that you probably never wanted found. Add to that any other personal information you know and suddenly you get swamped by the persons on-line fingerprint.

In this particular case, it has been an eyeopener to see that whilst working for us and cleaning our house for the last few years, our helper has also been at an international university, worked on the internet as a freelance writer, been a trance DJ and run a music studio….

Being someone who blogs on a couple of sites (wordpress and tumblr) as well a having flickr and .mac sites; it may seem strange that I am even saying any of this – but I guess the main issue I have is not with having open source information but in being duplicitous about what you put out into the wider world.

Talking into the faceless internet is sometimes too easy as there isn’t anyone there telling you to keep it honest and perhaps in decades to come this is going to become a larger issue for society in general as we live our lives through a computer more and more.

I think it is worth remembering however that your global and permanent fingerprint is going to follow you forever – wherever you go and will become more and more relevant to future credit agencies, employers and potential friends as well as your children and that this is going to be more important for them than it is yet for you.

Categories: Family
Posted by simon on September 6, 2011

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