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..and then the Russians turned up again.

Having moved house in July my cameras are sitting in a number of boxes in cupboards both to stop the house looking like a junk shop and to keep things out of the way of our now very mobile and inquisitive son.

We knew that a boy was always going to be much busier than Lola; but Cassius is totally full on; and all of the time.

So as he and I had a couple of hours to spend at home at the weekend and because I am conscious that I am not documenting his life like I did for Lola; I decided to load the Kiev 60 up with some Fuji Acros Neopan and shoot off a few rolls.

These were developed with TMax Developer and as it is in the mid 30’s here still, I used Ilford Stop rather than a water stop to ensure that the development didn’t go on too long as I use a very short 5:30 development time for Acros.

All the internal shots were at f2.8 and 1/60th exclusively to get the DOF I was looking for and the mood of being slightly under lit.

I’m also not being too precious about the frames and the inevitable overlap of the Kiev 60 – as part of the charm of this camera is the imperfections of the image. Over the few films I put through the camera I managed to get anywhere between 12 and 16 frames per film – even though they were all loaded identically – and in all cases the frames were touching or overlapping.

The next one is the Kiev 60 with an original rubber lens shade on the front of the Arsat 80/2.8 stubby lens I used for these shots.

And finally, this last one was taken in the square at Sai Kung in the morning with the kids off doing their own thing.

Posted by simon on September 23, 2011

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