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Colour Cast

Colour film and indoor lighting do not mix.

I know this and yet I manage to fail to use a flash or alternative lighting and get yellow images time and time again….

And before someone sends me a message on how to correct temperature or white balance or levels – this is not the point.

The problem is me not getting it right at the outset by using a flash and a good diffuser.

These are from a sequence on Sunday morning of Cassius having strawberries for breakfast and loving them – even if some where a little on the sharp side.

Lots of daylight helped some of these come out less yellow than others and slightly blowing them out is a deliberate aim too.

Next time I will work harder on the lighting so I don’t have to use Photoshop (as I think I am going to have to on some other photos from the weekend that are much worse).

Posted by simon on September 26, 2011
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  1. 10/7/2011
    Darko Bojanic

    These pictures are awesome. It could almost be an bleach bypass process with a lot of blacks in the colours. Made with an Nikon F2A you moved quickly and got the perfect moments and I think Cassius will look at this pictures and have a good laugh when hi gets older. Probably he will also wonder why you where shooting analogue.


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