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Someone got something so right

Last week the first Apple store opened in Hong Kong with people queuing all night to be the first to enter the shop.

Was there a new product they were queuing for? Nope.

Were there products that you haven’t been able to buy in Hong Kong (often before anywhere else in the world thanks to the grey market)? Nope.

So what were people queueing for?

Who knows as the store is a cookie cutter of the 5th avenue store, with the circular glass staircase and hundred of stations selling the same limited range of products.

I’m not Apple bashing as this is written on a Mac Book Pro and it is the 5th computer from Apple I have owned and have about 10 iPods of various sizes from 1st generation to the latest massive classics plus phones, so what is creating the interest in the store?

My guess is it is the halo effect caused by the products and their styling,usability and reliability. I would assume that the buying public feel that the reliability of the product increases if you buy it from Apples own store.

Posted by simon on October 1, 2011

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