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The Glorious Month of Kiev – Shanghai Finished

These are the last handful of images from Shanghai last week using the Zodiak on the Kiev 88.

Either my eye is getting very used to the bend in the lens or it really isn’t that bad when used with the appreciation of where the straight lines in the image are – as day and night the images wrap around beautifully.

I have two size backs for the Kiev 88 – 6×6 and 6×4.5 – with the 6×4.5 giving 16 images taken in landscape. The 645 images seem to take away much of the bend on the lens and so they appear more of a wide FOV than Fish Eye.

The 645 is also on Lucky SDH 100 film with less of a halo effect than normal on this film – I guess that just means that I had a roll better than average as this film varies so much.

These next two were taken at night on Tri-X 400 with around 30 second exposures and f3.5. I did check with the light meter, which gave much lower exposure amounts but experience has told me that because of the reciprocity failure on this film, that it works better with the lens open and at least 30 seconds, if not 60, if there is no really strong light source in the image.

In this image the sky looks bright – but this is just light pollution from the nearby shopping area. There is a little ghosting on the pavement as the locals walked up and down, slightly bemused by me and the Kiev on a tripod. One guy came right up next to me to have a look at the back of the camera where he hoped he would see the image – and then looked at me like I was the weirdo when he couldn’t see one.

I am aways fond of a long exposure with people stationary in it. These two guys probably didn’t move for the ten minutes I was here taking shots and they were probably still there the next morning…

So the Month of the Glorious Kiev is coming to a close and I am actually looking forward to getting back to the Nikon SLR and Voigtlander  RF options – simply because they weigh next to nothing when compared to the beasts from the Ukraine.

Does this mean that I would suggest to people not to get a MF Kiev? Not a chance, as a MF camera is big by definition and really the Hassleblad with a prism and large lens doesn’t weigh any less than the Kiev 88 anyway.

Posted by simon on October 26, 2011

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