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I’m not a wedding photographer but I do still want to take a camera to a wedding

These days weddings are documented to the extreme. You don’t have to be a Kardashian to have it videoed and photographed by a team of people in the ubiquitous black t-shirts and so going to a wedding of your friends and being able to take a picture without one of the pro’s standing in front of you is almost impossible.

This week we were invited to the wedding and reception of friends in Hong Kong – Leslie and Gerard – and as I had a camera with me and was wondering around the church to keep my daughter happy and quiet – I managed to be in the right place to capture a few stolen moments.

The first one is Leslie arriving with her bodyguards at the church and trying to get up the stairs without being seen by anyone inside, whilst not standing on her train.

And this last one is Leslie and Gerard bumping into Lola, who was stood with me outside the church waiting for them. I love this photo as it is just unstaged joy and this is what the day was for us – especially as Lola got to see a Prince and Princess getting married.

Posted by simon on November 2, 2011

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