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The Chinese Internet

What do you love about the Internet?

It’s mobile?

You can link up to your own little world on the net where ever you are?

It just works and it works anywhere, right?

I guess that is true for probably everywhere in the world apart from the remotest and least developed places on the planet  like deserts, jungles or if you happen to be in the largest and fastest growing economy of the world…

Internet in China is probably the most frustrating in the world – most areas are blocked and no; that generally doesn’t include the porn sites as they tend to be of little political value.

Social media is frowned upon as it leads to creating a place for collective minds to meet. Most blogs are blocked and art is generally controlled to a banal level.

However just outside of the hotel I was staying in, in Beijing this week,  was probably a better alternative to the net in China.

It’s mobile (on the back of it’s custom made bike). There are no rules or none that most people understand. You can make it look however you like and you don’t even need to understand coding or photoshop…

Enjoy and thank you lucky stars that although HK is part of China, it is still slightly out of reach from Peking – for now.

Posted by simon on November 25, 2011

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