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Full Circle

Anyone who has been following my analogue story from the beginning will know that it only started a little under two years ago with a trip to South Africa and a medium format Lubitel 166+

For me this was my first for many things – medium format, deliberate double exposures, cross processing and putting 35mm film into a 120 camera.

These days I don’t tend to double expose anything – unless through stupidity – but I do still cross selective films and also still love to use medium format.

This Christmas and New Year we are returning to Cape Town for the first time in two years and so having sat in a box since the last trip, the Lubitel is coming out again to relive some of what it saw last time.

Unlike last time, I will have a light meter with me and will probably be quite selective about films used – but the thing I am looking forward to the most is the light in South Africa.

These are some of the pictures from last time and they are a little over exposed in some cases but they show just how clear and bright the light is.

Once again I am restricted with the cameras I can take as we have two children who take up most of the free hands we have and so it is going to be the Lubitel 166+ (it’s made of plastic and so it weights nothing) and one of the Nikon bodies with a couple of lenses.

Having just had a Portra 400 developed that has been in the Nikon FE for a few weeks with the 50/1.2 attached I am reminded once again what a great combination the lens and film are. These are a couple from the film and the colour and DOF options still amaze me.

As usual this is one of Cassius at the table with a face full chocolate cake. It seems that the majority of pictures I have of him are of a similar ilk, as unlike his sister, he always has a face full of food.

Posted by simon on November 29, 2011
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  1. 11/29/2011

    First of all it is nice to have another one amongst us who like to shoot with film. The things you have learned about film photography on your journey to achieve something with your pictures is amazing. You have like a sponge sucking in all knowledge that is lost for many and I have to say I have been looking through your site to see how I should develop Fuji Neopan 400. I like many got swept away by the digital technique and forgot about the essence about what I was doing from the begining.

    You are an sorce of inspiration and I hope by god you don´t get lured into the digital photography again.

    Kiev 60 is the best camera ever made

    • 11/29/2011

      Thanks Darko for continued positive comments. I am too much of a geek sometimes and not enough of an artist but that can’t be helped.
      As for development times – I think the Massive Development Chart is such a combination of peoples views and times that it is surprisingly accurate. As you can now get it as an app for your phone too – it makes development even easier.
      And finally, I don’t see a digital future for me as after all I am not a pro.


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