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Pigs don’t bite…

On the farm in Citrusdal, South Africa; apart from the orange and lemon trees, dogs, cats, baboons etc; were a couple of young pigs which we quickly christened Peppa and George.

Henry, who looks after the farm and the properties on the land, told us to feel free to take leftover food and peelings down to the pens to feed the pigs and also said that not to worry as the pigs don’t bite.

Now, it is not like I grew up on a farm or spent a youth around pigs, but one thing that is just common knowledge is that pigs have a habit of biting and have very strong jaws. (Perhaps Henry hadn’t watched Snatch where pigs are used to dispose of bodies as they are so good at eating anything).

The morning after our arrival came and I thought I would take the kids to see the pigs with some food and a camera and make sure they didn’t put their hands in the pigs faces.

Peppa and George live side by side in separate pens and are only a year or so old and like the two pigs before I can assume that their future has them getting really acquainted with a braii or two.

Lola and Cassius understood not to try and pet them but to come and feed them each day with Nathalie or me and so I thought I would get some intimate pictures of the kids and pigs whilst they are getting to know one another.

As I lent against the brickwork to get a picture of the kids having a look at George; Peppa decided to give into her basic instincts and tried to bite my left elbow off…

Luckily, reactions and a lack of trust for pigs stopped this from turning into a tale that would end in A&E but also put paid to any belief in the story that pigs don’t bite – i mean really….who was Henry trying to kid?

Would you trust this pig with your children?

Posted by simon on January 16, 2012
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  1. 01/16/2012

    Thank you for this post Simon! I liked reading it and aslo thinking of what I would have done, probably the same and not trusting that pig. I like the pigs names as well. Well pigs don´t bite?! Sometimes they certanly like to give love bites. I have also been watching Snatch so I know what pigs can do.



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