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Rock at Waterfall Farm

For those people unfortunate enough to have know me for quite a few years, they will know that I have had some periods in my life where I have been fairly obsessed with climbing. This isn’t mountaineering but climbing on a rock face, generally with but often without a rope.

This is an obsession that started before I left school and stopped for a period in my mid twenties to thirties due to tendon problems in my right hand; that were fixed after my car accident ten years ago; when I had both of my hand rebuilt by an amazing surgeon in Manilla of all places.

She spent a total of 15 hours in surgery fixing my hands and it was 9 months after my operation that I found myself adding climbing at a local climbing wall into my occupational therapy and before long I was climbing again more seriously.

Not long after this I took a year off work and climbed full time between Thailand, New Zealand and the stunning Arapalies in Victoria.

On returning to work, I built a climbing wall in my house and used this to train between weekend flight to Ton Sai in Thailand.

With small children I have found myself having a natural break for a few years and now am getting the itch back to start getting out on the rock again – especially after our trip to South Africa where I found myself surrounded by untouched cliffs and boulders.

So here are a few shots of some of the amazing rock we saw (and I apologise to anyone who feels nothing when they see pictures of rock – I understand it doesn’t make everyone as excited as it does me).

The below picture shows the reason for the name of the farm and is about a 15 minute walk over the hill and around the citrus trees to your own waterfall with clean water to swim in and a small sand beach to sit on a shelter from the sun.

The rock comes into the shade in the afternoon and would be a mixture of natural pro and some bolts. Most areas and lines look like they would go with a bit of a run out or a bit of DWS as the top of the waterfall is about 30 feet and the water reaches a depth of around 12. There are cliffs like this everywhere in the region and so this is not a one off.

This next one shows the cliff behind Lola and how solid the rock is. There are some areas with small overhangs, but I didn’t see anything massive in the area.

What the Country has become famous for; as we were literally just up the road from the world famous Rocklands; is bouldering and everywhere you look there are great boulders of all shapes, sizes with untouched lines.

These ones are from the road into Paternoster, where I saw some cool looking boulders from the road, not realizing that they were further than they looked…

Of course this last picture has little to do with the rock and more to do with Cassius, otherwise know as Boylet.

Posted by simon on January 24, 2012
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  1. 01/24/2012

    Nice rocks 😉

  2. 01/24/2012

    Wonderful pictures Simon! The last one is the best. Amazing environment to make both colour and B&W pictures. I am freezing here so I apreciate them.

    Keep up the good work!

    • 01/25/2012

      Back in HK we are damn cold as this country does build houses with any insulation or heating. Looking forward to the winter being over soon…

  3. 01/24/2012

    That “boylet” photo is the best of the lot I think! Outstanding.

    • 01/25/2012

      Thanks Dave, I had to add it as the contrast is amazing. The one of Lola and Cassius shows the massive different between girls and boys too….

  4. 02/8/2014

    I hope you don’t mind… I included one of your pictures in my blog:
    Thank you for the beautiful pictures!

    • 02/9/2014

      Great to be used elsewhere and thanks for the comments. I will be looking at your site too


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