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The Next Two Weeks

Fresh photographs have been few and far between over the last ten days or so with the building of a new site and the fog that has engulfed Hong Kong for weeks now.

Thank you to everyone who answered on the Poll as I learnt some interesting results of the changes in the coding on the new site. There are a couple of small issues that are being addressed so hopefully the site will be bug free for everyone very soon.

The next couple of weeks will probably see additions to the Gallery rather than too many new articles as we travel to Niseko in Japan tomorrow morning and then the following week I am in Sri Lanka and so it will be two full weeks before I am developing new images from the two trips.

Niseko is going to be interesting from a film point of view as I will have to make adjustments for metering in snow – this is an article that should happen after we return too as it won’t mater whether you have a super digital or a 70’s Nikon – meters work the same way and assume everything they see is the same shade of grey.

Sri Lanka will also be a radical change from minus 10 degrees in Niseko to plus 30 degrees in Colombo and so with the same camera and film choices I will look to juxtapose the two countries in images.

Unfortunately, Charles, his sister Roxy and Clea our Frenchy will not be coming to Japan with us and you can see from the picture below just how badly Charles is taking the news….

Posted by simon on March 9, 2012
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  1. 03/10/2012

    Fog is the perfect reason to get out and shoot!
    Have a great trip!


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