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The Change Up

I’m not that green that I think all cameras are alike and that you can get some that are just lemons; but even so, when you do get one it always stings and especially when it carries such a reputation with it.

I am of course referring to the Hasselblad 500 C/M body that managed only a hand full of films before sticking with the mirror up.

It is a great camera but as I was to learn, it suffered from a very common problem that seems to have plagued the bodies of so many of the older model Hasselblads.

So I did what any responsible owner should do – I had it repaired and a CLA – just to find one film later, the same thing happened again.

And so rather than continue the pantomime that was thankfully only in it’s first act; I did the obvious thing and changed the camera to a 503 CX with a phenomenally brighter screen, stunning use of felt to stop light leaks inside and the same chrome finish as the 500 C/M.

The back and lens remain the same and along with a Left Hand Flash handle, it is back to being a great camera that allows me to use the lens that makes this camera better than the average medium format unit.

For the readers of this blog who feel like telling me that this is exactly what happens if you buy old film cameras – I should point out that over the last two and a bit years that this is only the second camera to have a critical failure out of probably 60 that have passed through my hands.

The other camera was of course a Kiev 60 where I put my finger through the fabric shutter when I had both the camera and a film in a dark bag doing god only knows what…

Also, this camera was one of the very few that I didn’t buy on ebay – where I find judicious purchasing from people with a reputation to uphold gives you a service that is probably second to none.

These pictures are from Sunday (even though I had the body changed a while ago) at home and in Sai Kung where the dog rescue have puppies for adoption.

Brooms are a bit thing in our house (as witches always have them) and now the fog has gone and the weather is dry and cool; the kids can play out the back and we can try and repair the grass after a very wet HK winter.

Posted by simon on March 29, 2012
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