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And finally here come the 7’s

The Hong Kong 7’s was a few weekends ago now but processing had to take second place to work and travel with the final films finished today.

This is the third year in a row I have taken a camera into the pit that is the South Stand and each year the choice has grown both in size and complexity as you realise that people really don’t throw beer at you just because you are taking pictures.

Year one was an LC-A+ and as I was so worried about flying beer it even had a Krab underwater housing on it for the first film or so (till it got to complex to manage).

Unfortunately, the pictures became extremely effected by the amount of beer consumed from 8:30am and so the quality and even the ability to put a film in a camera properly became issues that I hadn’t expected and so they varied in standard enormously.

Sunday faired a little better with it being family day and Nathalie and Lola joined for the afternoon finals with the Leica mini II and the now sadly non-functioning Rolleiflex.

Last year had a change of plan with the Voigtlander Bessa L coming to a year when my wife dressed as a Black Swan and me dressed in a way that allowed me to carry a camera along with a baby.

And then finally we get to this year and although I only could stomach the Saturday and not the whole weekend, I did manage to carry the Nikon F5 with a choice of a few lenses and a belief that I wouldn’t get carried away with the festivities…

The majority of the choice photographs are in the Gallery for all three years and here is just a couple to show how seriously people take the dressing up…especially when they keep the costume on all day.

Posted by simon on April 10, 2012

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