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Wake Up and Smell the Water

This blog is supposed to be about cameras and film and not be a general moral sounding board – but occasionally my ire gets riled too much for me not to pass comment.

Living as I do these days between developing Sri Lanka and developed Hong Kong; I find myself getting more and more worked up by the attitude of the bankers of this world and their apparent disregard for all things outside of their little world and this series of photographs is an example of why.

Picture one shows how banks are looking to dial into peoples aspirational beliefs and jealousies to sell loans to the increasing middle class.

Nothing wrong with that I hear, as getting people to over commit to debt is a strategy that worked for years in the West – didn’t it?

The advert is in prime position next to a large main road into the city of Colombo, ensuring lots of traffic as people drive towards the city center – full of banks and car show rooms.

Unfortunately when you stop and look at the other side of the road from the advert to conspicuously consume, you see the standard of housing with people who probably are not the target audience for the advert.

I am aware of the need to drive spending in an economy but taste seems to have gone out of the window with banks increasingly grabbing what they can to offset their lack of internal controls and rampant losses.

This aside I have been trying to get back into Ilford HP5+ and still with very limited success. Contrast and a lot of red in the film still remind me why Kodak gets my business at ISO400 with both Tri-X and TMax being films that perform time after time.

Posted by simon on April 12, 2012

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