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Goatee Toni

Anyone who has small children in HK has probably been to a kids party where Goatee Toni or his assistants provide the entertainment in the form of rare lizards, snakes, turtles, spiders, scorpions etc.

The basic precept is that your child picks a few animals from Goatee Toni’s website and they come to the party where they are shown to the kids and as long as they are kid friendly – they are also held and touched.

The amazing part of the parties is always that the parents are far more scared of the animals – especially spiders and snakes then the kids are.

These are from Lovisa’s 5th Birthday Party last weekend on the Hasselblad 503CX with the Carl Zeiss 80/2.8 T* on Kodak Portra 400. As the animals tend to get a bit fraught with flash; these were all taken with available light and thankfully the Portra 400 works well without great light and doesn’t get too grainy.

With the shutter in the lens on the Hasselblad, I have stopped thinking of light in terms of shutter speed and aperture alone and both measure and think in terms of the additional variable of Exposure Value (EV) to manage exposure levels as well.

This first one is Lovisa meeting the Asian Box Turtle.

I think it would also be fair to say that the camera of choice at parties these days has most definitely become the iPhone. A year of so ago this wasn’t the case with most of the dads carrying a grossly over spec’d DSLR to every function they could. Now the iPhone has seriously taken over and with apps galore and the ability to share pictures immediately I can see why and also alternate between my own seriously over spec’d film camera and iPhone.

Posted by simon on May 2, 2012
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