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Remember why you bought it.

If you are into film, then you will have long realized that people throw their old film cameras away for next to nothing and so over time you will have accumulated a number of different cameras, lenses, formats etc that most digital users never get to try.

If you have been switching to film for a while, then you will probably have tried so many different cameras that you really can’t remember which ones you loved or why.

You will always have your favourites now and you know why you love them today – but what about the ones you used to have as your favourites – why did you love them and what was it that made you fall out of love with them?

A question a couple of weeks ago from a friend about the Fuji GW690II had me waxing lyrical about what a stunning rangefinder it is and how using slide film in a 6X9 format camera gives you the most stunning images; that I actually went and found mine and loaded it with film.

Obviously at 6×9 you only get 8 images on a 120 – but as I was taking pictures of my children, then 8 pictures is probably the maximum for their attention span.

The first three are from the morning in the house with them sitting/standing on my board (and yes, Cassius likes to try on his sisters shoes) whilst being hypnotised by the TV.

The last one is from the end of the same day – playing in the puddles as the sun set.

I do remember why I fell out of love with it and it was only because there is always another camera to play with. It definitely isn’t because of anything the camera does wrong.

The Rangefinder is bright and easy to focus, the speed and aperture range is perfect for the lens and as it is a fixed lens – it weight next to nothing as a camera.

I may not be taking this camera with me next week to Sri Lanka due to its size – but I will be taking another camera with me that also hasn’t seen the light of day for a while.

Posted by simon on July 6, 2012

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