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Capturing your firsts

Until about 6 months ago I was stuck with a Blackberry phone for work. Thankfully I didn’t ever really find myself relying on it for photos – but like so many of us these days, our cameras phones are always with us at times when you don’t have an option and they become essential in capturing those moments that you can’t let pass.

Having just cleaned up the last Blackberry before I pass it onto a colleague – I downloaded the 4 Gb micro SD inside, that had an accumulation of nearly 5 years of Blackberries that I haven’t looked at for a while – so thought I would share a few of them that signified ‘firsts’ in our lives.

So starting at the beginning – this is the first time our daughter left Sri Lanka – the country that she was born in and spent the first few months of her life.

This is the first place we lived in Hong Kong in 2007 and Lola sharing a swing with our friends youngest Archie.

I think the files saved as different sizes and so rather than play around with them overly I am adding them as they are – and so this is the first dog we had and still have in our family – Clea the Frenchie, just before she broke her leg for the first and thankfully only time.

As she has grown, the ears have remained the same size and she has grown into the distinctive French Bulldog look.

After heeling fully; Clea discovered her first love (after food) – the muddy puddle.

This was in Paris and the first time Nathalie had breakfast with a Mallard.

This would have been Lola’s first Chinese New Year outfit (even if it probably wasn’t her first CNY).

This was probably a few months later and my first roof top party in New York as the sun set and the DJ started.

Not the first time I was up close with an elephant – but the first time I had taken a photo of an old friend in the Temple in Colombo – who unfortunately passed earlier this year.

The first time we had some wallpaper commissioned specifically for our flat in Happy Valley.

And the first time my wife had her work find it’s way into Elle Decoration.

The first picture of our second child Cassius with his Dad.

The first time Cassius discovered his love for head gear that extends to caps, his sister’s tiaras and his new helmet he got along with his skateboard for his 2nd birthday a couple of weeks ago.

My first turret camera – the 1971 Horizont.

Not my first Kiev or my first medium Format camera – but the Kiev 88 (known as the Hasselbladski) and the first time I ever thought that I would seriously end up with a Hasselblad.

The first print I had made from a 35mm negative using a Voigtlander Bessa L and Heliar 15mm lens – cut square and printed 20″ by 20″.

I could go on and on as I found about 400 pictures on the disk – but that isn’t really the point here.

So, none of the photos are great quality with poor focus and lots of noise – but they are all examples of having a camera with you – to hand at the right time.

Like I said in my last post, I am an advocate of capturing and doing it well and these may not be examples of great images but they have made me carry a camera with me everywhere I go now – just so that I have a better chance of getting the picture I want when the opportunity arrises.

Posted by simon on July 18, 2012

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