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Cassius Hits Two

Again using the Nikon F5 and as I haven’t been to a shop in weeks to get colour film, these are B/W Kodak Tri-X 400 in available light and developed in a lab.

Half of the images broke the golden rule of shutter speed never being lower than the length of the lens and so are naturally blurred. At some point I am going to remember that the 135mm DC lens is not good below 1/250th and so trying to use it in hand at 1/30th is a waste of film.

There are a few from the morning of his birthday when he was opening his presents that came out well and remind me that he and I need to go skating this weekend together.

Posted by simon on July 19, 2012
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  1. 07/20/2012

    Beautiful photos as always; though you went under 1/250, these photos have come out well-composed and captured the moment. Blur is not always a bad thing 🙂

    I also enjoyed your blackberry post from the other day. I also have an old blackberry folder laying around in my every-growing to-do list of things to eventually go through, sort out and possibly add to my photo album.

    On that note: have you ever ran an article on your methods of organizing your photos for recall later? As we gain more and more digital media, the need for organization becomes paramount. I would be interested to see your methods for archiving and organization in a future post.


  2. 08/10/2012

    nice photographs! where do you buy the trix in HK?

    • 08/10/2012


      You can get TriX in most places that sell film in HK. Definitely in Champagne Court in TST and in three or four places in Stanley Street on the Island.

      The places on Stanley Street have pretty much every film still made too.




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