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Junks and Taking Photos

The summer in Hong Kong means only one thing for most people living there and that is at some point you are going to spend either a Saturday or a Sunday on a Junk and probably more than once.

Most lists of what to do in Hong Kong have going on a junk in the top 10 and it can be anything from an hour or so in the harbor on a traditional vessel with sails to the more normal day junk – which is basically a day long party with food and drink for 20 or more of your close friends.

Being trapped all day on a boat with a bunch of people can be a terrible experience if you don’t carefully choose the people you spend the day with – but when it is close friends and a birthday in stunning blue sky weather then it is much more fun.

Most of our friends will know that I tend to be the one with an oversized and generally fairly anachronistic camera with me and once again on Saturday when we were on a junk for Nick’s birthday (he is the one in the first photo); I was asked why I never shared the photos I was taking with people…..

I guess my assumption that the majority of people who read this site are people I don’t know is true (apart from of course my mother who I know reads it) and so for the people on the junk (and you know who you are) who claim to never see my photos – here are some from the front of the boat on Saturday.

Nothing clever here, Neopan B/W 100 in the Nikon F5 using the Nikkor 135/2 DC on a very bright afternoon with high contrast. Unfortunately, laziness got the better of me and I used a lab to develop and so the grain is terrible – but we can all pretend this was the look I was going for…

Posted by simon on July 19, 2012
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  1. 08/26/2012

    Some really gorgeous shots here Simon!! Pure
    talent :-)… X


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