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Travelling with Just One Camera, One Lens and One Film

In nearly three years of only using analogue cameras I have changed my opinion about my photography so much, that I have never found a time where I am completely happy with either the camera, lens or films I travel with.

Going back to analogue opens a Pandora’s Box of choices from the last one hundred years of photography and your choice often comes out like a Mongolian Bar B Que *.

At this point in my photography I am definitely in the less is more camp – one camera body, one lens and one film (if possible).

I almost managed this in Koh Samui in August with just the Nikon FE body, the Nikkor H 85mm lens from the 60’s and Kodak Portra 160. (I did bring a Nikkor 24/2.8 too I have to admit, but it is a small little lens so we can pretend it wasn’t there).

[I know you can easily switch to the one camera and lens option is if you use a zoom – but I don’t own a single zoom for any analogue camera and don’t think I am about to start. You can debate the ease of using a zoom and that a good one will still let in enough light, but for me, photography isn’t about being easy and I can’t afford a decent zoom anyway and don’t want to shoot everything above f5.6 or worse].

So here are a selection of lazy days, lots of sun and great food in the land of smiles.

* A Mongolian Bar-B-Que is where you chose from a massive buffet of ingredients, sauces etc and have them cook it for you. You always end up adding too much of everything and your dish looks and tastes brown. It is the antithesis of Italian food.

Posted by simon on September 6, 2012

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