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This started as a blog on .mac a couple of years ago to coincide with my switch to analogue photography from digital.

Originally called analogueski (a bastardization of the word to pay homage to my initial leaning towards cameras from the Former Soviet Union); it became clear after only a few months that I needed to find an alternative home for a blog that had started to grow beyond the simple constricts of .mac.

A brief sojourn at Tumblr came next before arriving at wordpress in August 2010 as a new home to a blog that became both a place for showing pictures and also a record of a journey back into film photography and all of the skills that I had either never learnt or forgotten as I was swept up by the digital revolution.

This is by no means an anti-digital blog as seems to be a trend, but one that shares my learning experiences in film.

Over the past two years I have been lucky enough to use over 50 different film cameras – some for as little as one film, some for hundreds and unfortunately some until they broke from age and over use.

The blog carries the stories of success and failures in these cameras and the films, processing options and lenses from my point of view and only my point of view.

At the moment my favourite cameras are not the ones that I had 6 months ago and will probably not be the ones I cherish in 6 months time.

I am not a professional photographer (one look at my pictures is going to tell you that) but Professional Film users are few and far between.

Comments on my blog, posts or galleries are always welcome and will be answered – so please settle in and enjoy a journey to a time many of us are forgetting.

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  1. 03/29/2012

    great to see film capturing Hong Kong. I grew up in HK and now I’m in Arizona. I’ve switched back to film since couple years and loving it. I’ll be in HK during the humid summer. May be we can get together for a chat.


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