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The Tea Cups – Four Years On

In September of 2010 I posted about using my Kiev 88 in Disney withT64 Slide Film and an Orange Filter to get some beautiful images of Lola aged 3.

Last Sunday I was in Disney again and this time with Cassius who has just turn 4 and Lola who is 2 weeks away from turning 7 and no camera apart from an iPhone 5C.

As we ended up on the same ride, I thought I would attempt to capture the same sort of image using a 5C with the photo app using instant mode and then cropping them square.

They don’t give the richness of the Kiev and the amazing slide film but expecting an iPhone to compete with a Medium Format would be wrong. What it did give though was an opportunity to capture a moment in time with Lola and Cassius and without kilos of Ukrainian camera.





I am four years old today with WordPress

I realise it has been over a year of me promising to start back up again and during this time this blog has continued to gain support as a bit of an Analogue resource.

Thankfully, the Hassleblad and Nikon F5 have been getting some use and so in the coming weeks I will start talking again about these great cameras, the films that drive them and the continued push by the major manufacturers to use the past glories to develop their future businesses.

I’m also going to talk a bit about the digital side of the equation as our shopping preferences change the photography landscape.

Until this point I would like to thank everyone for supporting the blog and seeing it reach over 76,000 hits in the four years since it’s birth.

Still Here

Although it has been a quiet period on this blog – it is still active and will be returning soon with articles on the same great subject of film photography.


Whether to Watch or Join In

It’s been the best part of 6 months now that I have been very absent from my blog and for a while I used to beat myself up about not posting and then I realised how childish an idea that is.

The last 6 months have had me actively taking part more in my life and not recording the life of others as much as I have been. This doesn’t mean that I am stopping photography, as recording the passage of life and the people I spend time with remains extremely important to me.

Using a medium that allows me to have more creative input, as film does, is also part of the reason for wanting to continue to actively photograph – but restricting my choices is going to be part of my 2013 and so if the Nikon F5 or Hassleblad 503 CX are your particular kink – then you may enjoy the next year here as these are going to be my focus.

Choosing the F5 allows me a massive range from tilt/shift to wide to portrait diffusion lenses; whereas the Hassleblad leaves me with one 90mm option.

I am not going to handcuff myself with restricting film choice or lighting style (even if my studio lights seem to have blown for the time being); nor am i going to embark on a project like one image a day – as that feels a little like forcing yourself to eat when you are not hungry.

2013 is already a very different year for me with my 44 year old eyes already being opened in ways I would have never imagined possible. Finding ways to transfer this new world into a more creative take on silver and light is going to be what I would like this blog is hopefully going to become.


How big is your blog?

I know it doesn’t matter at all, but when you have 45,000 hits on a blog about old film cameras and pictures of your family, you realise that you and everyone else probably spends far too much time on the net these day and that we should all go out and get some fresh air instead….


That is my excuse anyway for my poor recent record of posting – as I have been doing exactly that and not taking as many photos as I should do.


I call it Photographers Block – other people call it being lazy but hey…


So here are a couple of some little intimate snaps on the Nikon F5 using the 135 DC lens on Tri-X 400 and Ektar to prove I haven’t switched to digital (apart from my iPhone) and it is just a temporary block in my creativity (honestly….)

Deliberately uncropped, unedited and as honest a photo as i try to take.

Travelling with Just One Camera, One Lens and One Film

In nearly three years of only using analogue cameras I have changed my opinion about my photography so much, that I have never found a time where I am completely happy with either the camera, lens or films I travel with.

Going back to analogue opens a Pandora’s Box of choices from the last one hundred years of photography and your choice often comes out like a Mongolian Bar B Que *.

At this point in my photography I am definitely in the less is more camp – one camera body, one lens and one film (if possible).

I almost managed this in Koh Samui in August with just the Nikon FE body, the Nikkor H 85mm lens from the 60’s and Kodak Portra 160. (I did bring a Nikkor 24/2.8 too I have to admit, but it is a small little lens so we can pretend it wasn’t there).

[I know you can easily switch to the one camera and lens option is if you use a zoom – but I don’t own a single zoom for any analogue camera and don’t think I am about to start. You can debate the ease of using a zoom and that a good one will still let in enough light, but for me, photography isn’t about being easy and I can’t afford a decent zoom anyway and don’t want to shoot everything above f5.6 or worse].

So here are a selection of lazy days, lots of sun and great food in the land of smiles.

* A Mongolian Bar-B-Que is where you chose from a massive buffet of ingredients, sauces etc and have them cook it for you. You always end up adding too much of everything and your dish looks and tastes brown. It is the antithesis of Italian food.

All Quiet on the Eastern Front

Sporadic is probably a kind word to use when describing my current level of posting here – and for that I apologise and offer some very reasonable excuses;

Firstly I have been on holiday with my family for the last two weeks in Koh Samui and so have not developed anything.

Secondly, my MacBook Pro decided to fail on me again and so it is currently in the workshop being given the kiss of life again.

And finally, I am either travelling or have too many other things on my plate at the moment to post or even think about photography as much as I have been doing for the last few years.

I will sort out some posts about Koh Samui and what is probably the best camera body and lens combination I use consistently in the next few posts – and for now, this is a glimpse of Crystal Bay in the South East of the Island of Koh Samui taken on Kodak Portra 160 without even a polarising filter.

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